Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Etsy Favorites

So I, like many others cannot get enough of Etsy this holiday season. I mean even when it is not the Holidays I love Etsy , but for some reason it seems to be on computer speed dial and I am loving every second of it! Here is one of my favorite shops, so whimsical and carefree! Check it out!

more of my favorite Etsy finds to come!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Hello

Alright so it has been awhile but I am back in action and ready to share more amazing little finds with everyone. SO ... here is my first little interesting find to kick off this voyage..... a fun little Etsy, becausee who doesn't love finding cool thins on Etsy...

who doesn't love baked potato???


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On to the next chapter....

Well this is the final post of this voyage assignment and I cant wait to start the next! It has been great starting a blog and being able to share so many different and unique things that I have come across, I will be starting a new voyage soon, so stay tuned my fellow voyagers!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lucire- A Global Fashion Magazine

Stumbled across this great global fashion magazine called Lucire. It keeps readers up to date on all the latest fashion news. It features news in fashion , beauty, living, insider news , volante ( which appeared to be about travel), forum, community, and shopping. l. The magazine is available online and in print, to receive the print version you must be a subscriber. Now that I know about this it will be a great pre-curser to later posts! 

Check it out! 

Louis Vuitton Takes China

Louis Vuitton is celebrating its 20th anniversary in China by opening the brands "Voyages" exhibit at the National Museum of China in Beijing. This exhibit is a collection of the brands travel luggage and bags through the years. This exhibit will be the brands first display of any brand. The exhibit will be up for view from May 29 - August 30.

poster for the exhibit


Alexander McQueeen: Savage Beauty

So were are bouncing over to New York City to check out Alexander McQueens Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. It is a beautiful exhibition of McQueens work and is broken up into categories. All of the different categories display the different themes and ideas that McQueen had during his life. It is a fantastic display of the complex ideas that McQueen created. The exhibit will be up til August 7, 2011. Check out the website it has a great video narrated by the curator of the exhibit and gives a great inside on what you will see while you are there!  Below are a few parts of the collection, check out these and more photos on the website!

Link to website:

World Traveler

Montana Forbes is a multicultural fashion illustrator who has spent her time between the United States, South Africa and the UK. Her work is very graphic but I love it! Check out her website!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

I just cant enough Dubai

So as I search through the fashion news around the world, I am finding that Dubai seems to be the hub of many of my posts. I found this cool video that covers Dubai fashion week, it highlights the shows, media and everything Dubai Fashion!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fashion Week: Jamaican Style Mon!

Starting May 25-29 Kingston Jamaica will be the center of attention in the fashion world as they host Style Week Jamaica 2K11, yes you read that correctly Style Week Jamaica. Some of the highlights of the week will include the International Mens Collection (INC), The International Mecca of Fashion, and Fashionblock, just a few of the fun events you can attend while there. The event is said to be the largest Caribbean Fashion occasion. So if your free this weekend and need a little adventure head on down to Jamaica and get your fashion on, Jamaica Style!


Five Star Fashion

So I decided I love Dubai so much that I wanted to take us back there, and this time were living large. Fashion TV and the  Al Habtoor Group have teamed and are in the process of working on what is said to be the first fashion hotel in DubI. The plans included a 30 story high building with the out displaying the latest Fashion TV clips on a 100 metre LED screen. The hope is that this new kind of hotel will appeal to many people around the world, and be an ideal spot for fashion events around the world. The hope is to have different locations around the world. Looks like the fashion has big plans to take the world by storm!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sole Rebels

Ethiopian Designer Bethlehem Alemu has created a flourishing footwear brand called Sole Rebels, not the first place you would think to go for the latest fashion trends, but this designer has really created something awesome. There are three different styles of shoes to chose from, Slip Ons, Lace Ups and Sandals and every shoe is hand made . They have a great website that talks all about the company and the different things that they do to get there brand out there. They are reasonably priced and well worth the investment! Check out the website!

This is one of the styles they offer this one happens to be my favorite!


Sole Rebels Website

Digital Get Down

So we are taking a little trip to discover the digital world of fashion. On August 25, 2011 the fashion world will take a turn for the digital. On this monumental date the first annual digital fashion week (FWD) will be broadcast around the world. Anyone can watch it , you just have to become a member of their site and pay $5.00 for a ticket. Designers have the opportunity to show their collections and reach a large group of people. I think I may buy a ticket and check it out, great way to support the fashion community!

Links: This is the FWD (Fashion Week Digital)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vivienne and Marie Partner Up!

So it has been announced the Vivienne Weswood and Marie Claire magazine have launched their deforestation collaboration. The collaboration is to make people aware of the effect deforestation is having on certain places around the world like Bangladesh. Westwood ha designed a fair trade tee shirt dress from 100% organic cotton. The money from every dressed purchased will go towards supporting the  fight against deforestation. The dress will be featured in the international Marie Claire this month.

Check out the article!



This year Singapore was the first Asian city to host a mens fashion week (MFW). The first two cities to hold an even larger MFW is Paris and Milan. The event lasted for five days at Marina Bay Convention Center. The show had collections for Autumn/Winter 2011 from designers such as  Jerome Lorico and Christopher Ubaldo and Songzio . Throughout the week over 30 brands were showcased from around Asia and other countries. It was supported by the shoppers of Marina Bay, they truly helped make the event a success which is nice to see that people really enjoy fashion and support the industry with contributions for an event that designers can showcase their collections. The collection shown at this event were stunning. This overall event is a great way to  highlight the beauty that mens wear can hold. I know in most of my classes throughout college most girls focused their attention on women's wear and it was so exciting to  have  someone in your class who was interested in mens wear, their projects always gave a light refreshment to the class!

Check out the article, if interested in leaning more about Men's Fashion Week there is a link you can click at the bottom of the page that links you to the mens fashion week website!

Link to the article!

Check out the videos highlighting the shows!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

See ya in Dubai!

So I have always wanted to take a trip to Dubai, it is considered the fashion capital of the Middle East, so im kinda sold on going. I was checking out some global fashion news and found that Nina Ricci has just opened a flagship store in Dubai's lengandary Dubai Mall. The store has a 1940's flare inspired by the Parisian 'bourgeois' apartments of the 1940's. The idea is to have the entire store feel as though you are in an apartment, full of luxury and class. The boutique style store will feature the Spring/Summer collection as the highlighted product, along with accessories and other items. So if your not already sold enough about going check out some of Nina Ricci's spring summer collection


one of my favorite looks in the collection!

I love the elegance and sophistication of this look!

 links: : article about the store opening Nina Ricci Spring Summer Collection!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweden Swagger....

So I have moved this little adventure to Stockholm Sweden. I have discovered this great fashion illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt. Her work is so stunning. She mixes medium, incorporating ink, pencil and water color. Water color happens to be my favorite medium to use so I immedietly feel in love with her work. Check out her website ( it is under construction right now) when it is up and running! I have picked some of my favorite pieces for you to see! Enjoy!



Links! - artist website!


Sunday, April 24, 2011


So for the past few days I have been loving MC Magazine, I discovered it recently while working an assignment for school. MC is an online based magazine from the UK, its funky and fun and has some pretty neat photography! Check it out! It is easy to subscribe and fun to browse through!
current issues cover
LINK!!! ^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

So I came across this great exhibit going on right now at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. It is an installation of "eco-trash" fashion designs by artist Nancy Judd. All of the designs are made from items that were intended to be thrown away, but instead have been turned into something beautiful and unique. Some of the top looks of the exhibit are a stewartess outfit made from old Delta Airline leather seat covers, a bathsuit made from plastic detergent bottles, and a fiesta outfit made from old target bags. Most of the designs were sponsered by companies such as Target, Toyota, and Delta. To check out more of Judd's art check out her website!

Delta Airline Seat Cover Dress

Fiesta Dress!

Detergent Bottle Bathing Suit

Display at the airport

Check out the article on CNN!
Check out Nancy Judd's Website!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

La La London !

So I was scoping out the Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week shows and wanted to share my favorite show of the week. Roksanda Illincic collection was by far of one the best collections at London fashion week. Look after look was more pretty then the next, the flow and movement of the collection created a versatile collection of casual and cocktail wear. The coral pinks and sandy tans made it the perfect assortment for the Spring!

I fell in love with the dramatic head scarves and flowing silhouettes---

Love the Grey Head Scarf!

A nice combination of coral, grey and , tan.

Check Out the Video of the Show!
Check out the Collection!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing in the Dirt!

So I am taking my voyage to Italy to a little place called Umbria, a small region east of Tuscany. I have discovered an interesting collaboration between farmer and designer. Italian designer Francesco Mugnaini has come up with an idea to "plant t-shirts", yes , t-shirts. Sounds simple but the idea is much more complex and interesting then just you average t-shirt. The idea is to create t-shirts and plant them in the ground and the design part is up to nature. When Francesco met Scottish farmer  Sebastian Runde, he knew he could execute his idea. Runde is an organic farmer , who's farm is located in our destination, Umbria! After much trial and error they finally found the right material to use, an organic silk. The t-shirts are then produced locally and all material used are environmentally friendly. Once the shirts are planted they let nature runs its course, the way the earth reacts to the silk allows for different designs and colors to form on the material. Each shirt has its own unique markings , which makes looking at each one more fascinating and interesting. But don's judge a book by its cover, at first it may seem as though it is just  a t-shirt with some dirt on it, but it is much more then that. If you look closely you can see different designs and colors throughout, an underlying example of how beautiful the earth can be. This idea is any fashionistas ideal way to play in the dirt!

The front and back of one of the woman's t-shirt designs

Check out the Website,Article, and learn a little about our destination Umbria! (T-shirt website) - (About Umbria)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to Paris America!

Paris is one of the biggest travel destinations in the world. One of the highlights in Paris is the shopping especially along the ever popular Rue St Honore` street where you can find such luxury names as Dior, Hermes and Chanel. But watch out Dior there is a new man in town, Michael Kors. Kors brand is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and its brand new home is on Rue St Honore`.  The store joins fellow American designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Michael Kors on Rue St Honore

Article found on NewYork Times:
Pictures Link:

Bon Voyage!

Style Voyage is for the traveler at heart, who loves to discover, learn and appreciates the beauty of style no matter where it may be. So Here is the challenge: 64 days to discover the latest fashion trends and current issues in fashion in as many countries and cities around the world as I can. I hope to find inspiration and learn about what makes peoples fashion hearts tick around the world, fasten your seat-belts get ready, here we go!
Day 1: Paris, France