Sunday, May 8, 2011


This year Singapore was the first Asian city to host a mens fashion week (MFW). The first two cities to hold an even larger MFW is Paris and Milan. The event lasted for five days at Marina Bay Convention Center. The show had collections for Autumn/Winter 2011 from designers such as  Jerome Lorico and Christopher Ubaldo and Songzio . Throughout the week over 30 brands were showcased from around Asia and other countries. It was supported by the shoppers of Marina Bay, they truly helped make the event a success which is nice to see that people really enjoy fashion and support the industry with contributions for an event that designers can showcase their collections. The collection shown at this event were stunning. This overall event is a great way to  highlight the beauty that mens wear can hold. I know in most of my classes throughout college most girls focused their attention on women's wear and it was so exciting to  have  someone in your class who was interested in mens wear, their projects always gave a light refreshment to the class!

Check out the article, if interested in leaning more about Men's Fashion Week there is a link you can click at the bottom of the page that links you to the mens fashion week website!

Link to the article!

Check out the videos highlighting the shows!

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